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Typical Analysis in Mg/Liter: Silica (93 mg/l), Calcium (18 mg/l), Magnesium (15 mg/l), pH (7.7), Bicarbonates (152 mg/l). Total Dissolved Solids (222 mg/l). From the islands of Fiji. Fiji Water Untouched: Fiji Water comes from a sustainable ancient aquifer deep within the earth on the islands of Fiji. Bottled at the source, natural pressure forces the water towards a sealed delivery system directly into the bottle, free from human contact. Until you unscrew the cap. Earth's finest water. Electrolytes. For water quality and information: 1-877-426-3454; Please recycle.


Country of Origin

1 Naseyani Rd, Bottled At Source. Source: Yagara, Bottled At Source. Source: Yaqara, Bottled By: Natural Waters Of VIti Pte Ltd. 1 Naseyani Rd. Yagara, Fiji, Fiji Islands, Fiji Islands. Bottled By: Natural Waters Of VIti Pte Ltd. 1 Naseyani Rd. Yagara, Fiji Islands. Bottled By: Natural Waters Of Viti Limited, Fiji Islands. Bottled By: Natural Waters Of Viti Pte Ltd, Fiji Product Of Fiji., Fiji. Product Of Fiji., Viti Levu, Yaqara



Natural Waters Of Viti Pte Ltd.





Product Disclaimer

We are committed to providing accurate nutritional information to our customers. As an important part of that effort we voluntarily provide such material on our website. We rely upon our suppliers to provide us with this information on an ongoing basis and to advise us immediately whenever any new claims or adjustments to declared values are made, so that we can properly maintain the accuracy of this online resource. We have, however, experienced occasional situations in the past where, due to the lack of such notice or for some other reason, minor discrepancies in this area have occurred. We therefore strongly encourage our customers to read the labels of any of the products that they purchase in order to make certain that they are compatible with their own nutritional preferences and expectations. If you receive a product from us, and the nutritional information on the product label does not match the information on our site, please contact customer service and we will arrange for a credit to issue for the product at issue.

FIJI Natural Artesian Water, 1.5 Liter

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