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About Chino's

Chino's Farm Fresh Dairy is a convenience store specializing in flavored milk, raw milk, regular milk, various Hispanic foods, beverages, and snacks. Besides great milk varieties, our website offers everything in-store and online to give our customers more access to their needs. It’s important for us to know our customers. Because your experience is important to us. Our unwavering commitment is providing some of the best daily products to meet your family’s needs. 

Chino's Farm Fresh Dairy

We've built convenience for a one-stop shop for our customers, whether it's delivery, drive-thru pick-up, or in-store purchases. Owner Demetrius Reed has a mission to provide superior and more connected experiences for the community to have easier access to better food products and shopping experiences. Come visit us today and experience the convenience and quality of our store for yourself.


Building and growing healthier communities by connecting people with flavored milk and foods at our convenience store; committing to serving our community excellently by creating a valuable experience for every customer and our team members. Have quality products and honest information available for the community. We respond to the community's needs and serve as a long-term investment in our local economy.


Be a leading convenience store in our communities by offering the most inviting buying environment in the best fresh flavored milk industry while saving our customers time and money and building our brand to premier status.​


  • Integrity​​​

  • Respect diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • We care about our community and the environment.

  • Model ethical business and employment practices.

  • Support organic and sustainable food products and other environmentally and socially responsible businesses locally, regionally, and nationally.

  • We are offering our customers the best shopping experience by exceeding their expectations.

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