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These melody napkins are used for a variety of purposes, from wiping hands and faces to mopping up spills. The napkins are also disposable, making them easy to use and clean up after meals. Each unit has 160 napkins. Great buy products like these will sell out in no time!



Warning: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this product and all plastic bags away from babies, children and pets. Caution: Any paper product can burn if used improperly in microwave or convection oven. Do not leave microwave unattended while cooking. Do not leave crumpled paper napkins in any oven-they can ignite. Do not dry food, herbs or flowers on paper napkins in microwave or conventional oven keep all metal out of the microwave oven, in case of fire, turn microwave off and leave door closed

Super Soft Napkin 1 Ply, 160 ct

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